A quick picture of myself

"Expanding Horizons with Every Experience."    Greetings and welcome to my e-folio page! My name is Tiana R Magee and currently I'm a senior at Holy Cross College (my expected graduation date is Winter 2011). I've attended Holy Cross College (HCC) for all four years and have already completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and I'm currently obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Business.

Growing up, I was accustomed to having to be responsible at a young age, though I managed to somewhat maintain my youth throughout my childhood. I was born to  parents who weren't able to complete their education like they wanted to (my father chose to be self-employed, therefore he never considered furthering his education, and my mother has some college experience, but currently she hasn't completed it), so through observing them and their life experiences, I realized that furthering my education would be the only option for me in order to have a better quality of life.

It wasn't until after a full year after graduating from high school that I began to be motivated to attend college. I actually applied to Holy Cross College during my senior year of high school, but I wasn't at a stable point in my life to be able to attend school daily and I unfortunately that's the main reason I had to wait until the fall of the following year to start fresh. That would be a key moment in my life that I know I would never regret. Therefore, my theme "expanding horizons with every experience" is so important to me: it wasn't until after attending Holy Cross College that I realized that I could be better than just working at a simple job that made no promises for advancement. In fact, HCC broaden my horizons greatly, the future grew brighter, and my hopes grew stronger. Every class, every semester, and every professor has made in impact on my life in some way, shape, or form, and for that I'm forever grateful :)

Before completely graduating from Holy Cross College, each student has several requirements to meet before officially being titled a "graduate," one of them being creating an e-folio page, which is what you're viewing now :)   The e-folio page provides an easy-access way to get an idea of nearly everything you would be eager to know about someone withougt technically having to provide face-time with them. I believe that the idea of having an e-folio page is one of the brightest ideas because we're now living in a world where technology is nearly our everything, and it's only going to continue being in our lives... so what better way to provide an insight into someone's life than to create a personal e-folio page that will always be readily available to them? I hope my e-folio provides insight into the life of a Holy Cross College student who without this college, wouldn't have realized what great aspirations they could amount to. Thank you for taking the time the read and enjoy!!